I bet you have clicked on a link you thought was a website and discovered that it actually was just a one page website. What you see right the way is elements like a format for the visitor to fill up where you could leave your name and email and perhaps phone number (Opt-in form).

Commonly, these pages will have very attractive images or a video or both.

What would you need a Landing Page for?

You might be thinking “My website has a Contact page (just like this one)… Is that all a Landing Page is good for?

The answer is: No.

While your website might have everything you need (and that’s great!) it is a place where you “showcase” your visitors all your services, products and offers and maybe even sell from it like the e-commerce websites.

Typically, someone visiting a website could go anywhere, and most commonly, they will go check you out in your About Us page and then go somewhere else within your website or simply and painfully, somewhere else on the internet.

What should I look for on a Landing Page?

A Landing Page gives you the ability to direct the attention specifically where you want your prospects to look at. Not only that but it will give you the opportunity to create:

  • Responsive design–> Looks good across all devices (smartphone, tablet, computer).

  • Opt-in forms –> Grow your prospect list.

  • Sales pages–> Sell products and services.

  • Webinar registration pages–> Get people to your webinars.

  • Drag and Drop functionality–> Easy to load images

  • Build Funnels–> Ability to up-sell your products/services.

  • Confirmation and Thank you pages–> Up-sell and deliver content.

  • Video pages–> Build connection with your prospects.

  • Content pages–> Great for use with paid advertising.

In PinPoint Local we can help you build your ideal Landing page for whatever you have in mind.

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