Secret #1

Ensure your website has a responsive design.

  • Appear professional wherever your customers are.

  • Nearly 60% of searches are now on mobile devices.

  • Non mobile-ready sites will NOT rank.

Secret #2

Be original, check that your content is unique.

  • Duplicate content can impact your rankings

  • Search engine algorithms will find copied text

  • Depending on the severity, your rankings may suffer.

Secret #3

Speed up if you want to win the race.

Site speed is CRUCIAL for many reasons, including:

  • It’s a factor that triggers algorithms to rank a site.

  • A slow website encourages visitors to leave.

Secret #4
Move into the right neighborhood.

  • Sites mentioning “gambling”, etc. are Bad Neighbors.

  • Sharing a server puts your rankings are at risk.

  • Invest in premium hosting to avoid being penalized.

Secret #5
Get your website SSL secured.

  • Want to be rewarded by Google in ALL rankings?

  • SSL secured sites are prioritized in search results.

  • This is simply HTTPS in front of your domain name.

  • Check your site’s URL, it should start https://