3 strategic ways to find more customers with acquisition email marketing

Email generates the highest ROI than any other marketing channel and beats social by 40% in terms of customer acquisition. That’s why over 56% of companies are incorporating Email marketing in their arsenal. Attracting new customers and business has become a top priority for almost all marketers. Companies of all sizes, from small to big, […]

How email marketing boosts your content marketing and SEO campaigns

According to Kissmetrics research, “Email has nearly 3 times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined.” This makes Email marketing a great add on for your Content marketing and SEO strategies. There are two main components of search engine optimization (SEO): on-site and off-site optimization. With on-site optimization, you can improve your site’s layout and […]

Tips to Make Money with Content Marketing

One of the best ways you can leverage the financial power of content marketing is not actually in the act of crafting content to market something you offer. Rather, it’s all about content marketing a good or service offered by other people and then sitting back while readers click on affiliate links and Google Ads. […]