We're a full service digital marketing agency

Seven years ago, our digital company started as AbundanceFlow.org. Back then, we offered information products, digital products, training, courses and workshops in the following fields: Business development, Online Marketing and Investment and CRM solutions. Our resources were limited and we were only able to help a handful of business.

Today we are PinPoint Local in Edmonton, Canada. We operate in partnership with Northern Web Marketing to offer you a variety of services for your business.

PinPoint Local is a full house digital marketing agency. We have deep experience and a proven track record in the key areas of digital marketing: search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), email and digital marketing.

We pride ourselves on increasing search engine rankings so our clients get noticed faster on Google. With our PPC strategies, our clients are able to advertise smarter by targeting customers that are ready to buy.

How Can We Serve You?

Our personalized web design and marketing services will help grow your local business by attracting more customers.

Our team of high-performing specialists are dedicated to helping you build your business. Contact us today!

Meet the owner of PinPoint Local – Edmonton

Suzzette Tamez-Cruz, M.Sc.

I love teaching. I have spent many years of my life doing so in different fields like: Sciences, Yoga, Scuba Diving and English.

I am a mother of two, Mexican born and finally became a proud Canadian citizen in 2017. I have lived in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. I live together with my husband and two kids in Edmonton, Alberta.

I am someone that comes from a scientific background, former Biologist, specialized in Deep Sea Ecology with postgraduate studies in Environmental Biotechnology.

Entrepreneurship is something that was first planted in my consciousness in college. I went to a college which mission was specifically to form Entrepreneurs.

I have owned and operated restaurants and small business which I have created out of need every time I have moved from one country to another.

One day I realized that it takes a lot of time, energy and resources, that you may or may not have, to “really make it” the traditional way (brick and mortar business style).


Around the year 2012, I decided to take a second career. I just needed to figure out how could I develop a business online.

Today, I feel happy because PinPoint Local | Northern Web Marketing are the result of all those years of learning materialized.

Thank you for being around!